Welcome to KewlSolutions Limited Co. website! We are hoping that we could serve you better for any expansions in your IT related requirements. Please feel free to surf our site for more information regarding our company and what we can offer for your business needs. Through the efforts of the partners of the company, we are truly blessed and somehow we could extend our extra support to our costumers who need immediate actions.

KewlSolutions Limited Co. is an end-to-end systems and services integration company. We offer Information and Communication Technology(ICT) Solutions, custom-tailored for our customers business needs.

We are Kewl ( cool ), and believe in long-term commitment with our partnership in our People, Customers, Investors and Suppliers.

We innovate, as new technology changes in a glimpse, and we evolve as our customers manage to increase their IT needs in professional manner.

KewlSolutions Limited Co. was established since 2006 and fully registered in Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. We are truly a home grown Davao base company

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